Sunday, April 3, 2011

Seattle-Everett-Bremerton-Points Between

Spent my weekend visiting friends in Washington; managed to take over 100 photos and none of any actual friends.  Took my bicycle on the Amtrak, here she is strapped to the wall of the baggage car.  

Getting off the train at King Street Station sets you right at Qwest Field and home of the rivals to the Portland Timbers - the Seattle Sounders.  Boo hiss yaaa

No game or nuthin', but the gate's open and the view ain't bad.  

Goalie stretched across the seats

Seattle Public Library 

 This is one of my favorite buildings in downtown Seattle - Rainier Tower.  I love how its scalloped base seems unable to support the tower above.

Waiting to board the ferry; bicycles go first.  

  Can you see those mountains?  Holy shit that's pretty.

Everett has the prettiest houses.....Cameron Diaz lives in this one, though she was unresponsive when I waved at her.  Stuck up celebrity nonsense. 

Someone dropped strawberries.  They still looked fresh but I decided to leave 'em.  

Seattle King Street Station interior ceiling 

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